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    Sample Preparation

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    Clear-S™ Quick DNA extraction kit (100rxn)

    Our product excels in rapidly extracting high-quality total DNA from a diverse range of samples, including bacteria, cells, animal tissues, insects, and plant tissues.

    Beniprep® DNA Swift extraction solution (250/500rxn)

    Our product offers a high-efficiency, cost-effective solution for DNA preparation, featuring sample lysis and DNA solubilization buffers for quick and economical DNA processing, such as genotyping.

    Beniprep® Soil/Fecal DNA extraction kit (50rxn)

    Our product excels in the rapid extraction of high-quality genomic DNA from an array of challenging materials, such as feces, soil, clay, sediment, manure, heavy metal-contaminated soil, and volcanic ash

    Clear-S™ Plasmid Miniprep kit (200rxn)

    Our product streamlines the extraction of high-purity, high-concentration plasmid DNA from bacterial samples, utilizing advanced Alkaline Lysis and Boom methodologies

    Clear-S™ PCR/Gel DNA fragment purification kit (200rxn)

    Our DNA Fragment Purification Kit is designed for efficient and versatile purification across a range of enzymatic reactions, including PCR and agarose gel electrophoresis

    Clear-S™ Total RNA extraction kit (50rxn)

    Our product simplifies the rapid and efficient extraction of total RNA from diverse samples, including bacteria, cell lines, animal tissues, plant tissues, and insects. It effectively removes PCR inhibitors and employs on-column digestion to eliminate DNA contamination.

    Clear-S™ miRNA extraction kit (100rxn)

    1. Our solution excels in the extraction and purification of high-quality miRNA from diverse samples, including cell line, microorganisms, plant and animal tissues.

    Beniprep® Super Plant RNA extraction kit (50rxn)

    This product specializes in the efficient extraction of total RNA from complex plant species, including those rich in secondary metabolites, woody plants, fruit crops, and tropical varieties.

    Clear-S™ Total DNA/RNA extraction kit (50rxn)

    Our product is engineered for the simultaneous extraction of genomic DNA and total RNA from valuable small samples, yielding two separate tubes—one for DNA and another for RNA. This design makes it ideal for experiments requiring uncontaminated DNA and RNA, ensuring the integrity of each biomolecule

    Clear-S™ MNP Total Nucleic acid extraction kit (100rxn)

    Our product employs a magnetic bead-based technique for the streamlined recovery of high-quality total RNA from diverse samples such as blood, cells, plants, and insects, optimizing your workflow for maximum efficiency and ease.

    Beniprep® Pathogen DNA/RNA extraction kit (100rxn)

    Our product is engineered for the clean extraction of pathogen RNA/DNA from a wide range of samples, including sample homogenates like mosquitoes, tick, animal tissue and plant tissues, as well as cell-free specimens. Utilizing our proprietary precipitation technology, it effectively removes PCR inhibitors, making it versatile for use with insects, plants, animals, and soil. Best of all, our method eliminates the need for hazardous substances like phenol or chloroform, offering a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for reliable pathogen nucleic acid yields.

    Beniprep® Super Plant Total Nucleic acid extraction kit (50rxn)

    Our product is optimized for the swift and efficient extraction of high-quality total nucleic acids from complex plant species, including those rich in secondary metabolites, as well as woody, fruit, and tropical crops.

    Proteinase K powder (20mg)

    Optimize nucleic acid extraction using our Serine Protease, Proteinase K. Enhance yields with purity for precise analysis. Elevate your research today

    Lysozyme powder (20mg)

    Unleash superior nucleic acid extraction with our Lysozyme, designed to enhance yields by degrading bacterial cell walls. This enzymatic powerhouse boosts efficiency, streamlining your research processes

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