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    Sample Preparation

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    Beniprep® DNA Swift extraction solution

    Achieve comprehensive DNA preparation for PCR through efficient homogenization and heating. This method boasts a higher PCR success rate compared to Direct PCR, while also offering cost and time savings in contrast to column-based preparations.


    Key Features:

    • Enhanced PCR Success: Elevate your PCR success rate significantly. Our method's unique combination of homogenization and heating enhances PCR outcomes.

    • Cost and Time Efficiency: Optimize resources by choosing our cost-effective and time-efficient approach. Save expenses while maintaining reliable results.

    • Simplified Workflow: Simplify your workflow without sacrificing quality. Our method ensures a straightforward DNA preparation process.



    • Genotyping and Mutation Analysis: Achieve accurate genotyping and mutation analysis by starting with well-prepared DNA.
    • Molecular Cloning: Enhance the efficiency of molecular cloning procedures with high-quality DNA.
    • Pathogen Detection: Improve the sensitivity and reliability of pathogen detection assays by using optimized DNA samples.


    ※ For inquiries regarding large-scale options, please contact us separately.


    Cat.# : IVT7002

    Clear-S Total RNA

    extraction kit

    Clear-S® Total RNA Extraction Kit 는 세포 및 동물 조직, 식물 조직, 곤충 등 다양 한 시료에서 깨끗하게 total RNA를 추출할 수 있는 제품입니다. 

    Genomic DNA 오염 없이 쉽고 빠르게 total RNA를 추출하며 실험 간 오차를 줄여 재현성 높은 결과를 얻도록 설계된 spin column type의 제품입니다.

    ◎ 특징

    다양한 시료에서 신속하고 효과적으로 고품질 total RNA 추출

    Genomic DNA contamination 최소화

    Spin-column 사용으로 높은 재현성 획득

    Phenol, chloroform 없이 핵산추출가능

    ◎ 응용 및 적용

    cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, Quantitative Real-time RT-PCR, Digital RT-PCR, Northern Blot

    Product Information

    This product allows for quick and straightforward DNA extraction for PCR amplification. With a simple two-solution process, it offers remarkable efficiency, especially for high-throughput sample processing.

    Solution 1 prevents oxidation and degradation of DNA during homogenization, while Solution 2 facilitates DNA release during heating, resolving PCR inhibitors. Designed for up to 500 extractions, this product is particularly suited for large-scale and routine genotyping experiments.


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