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    Sample Preparation

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    Lysozyme powder (20mg)

    This product is supplied in a freeze-dried format, allowing easy reconstitution by adding Nuclease-free water for immediate use. Store at 4°C for short-term use or aliquot and

    store at -20°C. Immediate use is recommended.


    Unleash superior nucleic acid extraction with our Lysozyme, designed to enhance yields by degrading bacterial cell walls. This enzymatic powerhouse boosts efficiency,

    streamlining your research processes.


    Cat.# : IN4004

    Clear-S® Total RNA

    extraction kit

    Clear-S® Total RNA Extraction Kit 는 세포 및 동물 조직, 식물 조직, 곤충 등 다양 한 시료에서 깨끗하게 total RNA를 추출할 수 있는 제품입니다. 

    Genomic DNA 오염 없이 쉽고 빠르게 total RNA를 추출하며 실험 간 오차를 줄여 재현성 높은 결과를 얻도록 설계된 spin column type의 제품입니다.

    ◎ 특징

    다양한 시료에서 신속하고 효과적으로 고품질 total RNA 추출

    Genomic DNA contamination 최소화

    Spin-column 사용으로 높은 재현성 획득

    Phenol, chloroform 없이 핵산추출가능

    ◎ 응용 및 적용

    cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, Quantitative Real-time RT-PCR, Digital RT-PCR, Northern Blot

    Product information

    • Cell Wall Breakdown: Our Lysozyme efficiently breaks down bacterial cell walls, enabling seamless nucleic acid release during extraction. This action maximizes yields and optimizes downstream applications.

    • Elevated Efficiency: By improving cell lysis, our Lysozyme elevates nucleic acid extraction efficiency. Expect enhanced yields of high-quality DNA and RNA, critical for accurate analyses.

    • Wide Applicability: Whether working with diverse samples or specific strains, our Lysozyme accommodates various research needs. It's a versatile tool for consistently reliable results.

    • Purity Emphasis: Lysozyme-assisted cell wall degradation minimizes contamination risk, ensuring the purity of your extracted nucleic acids and the fidelity of subsequent analyses.

    • User-Friendly Integration: Integrate Lysozyme into your existing protocols seamlessly. Its compatibility with common extraction methods ensures a hassle-free workflow enhancement.


    Experience streamlined nucleic acid extraction with our Lysozyme. Unlock higher yields, purity, and precision for your research endeavors.


    Usage Instructions:

    1. 1. Prepare your sample using standard procedures.
    2. 2. Introduce the recommended Lysozyme amount to your sample preparation buffer.
    3. 3. Incubate the mixture as directed to facilitate effective cell wall degradation.
    4. 4. Proceed with nucleic acid extraction, benefiting from enhanced sample lysis achieved by our Lysozyme.

    Elevate your research capabilities with Lysozyme. Maximize efficiency, attain purity, and drive breakthrough discoveries.


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