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    Sample Preparation

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    Clear-S™ PCR/Gel DNA fragment purification kit

    The Clear-S™ PCR/Gel DNA Fragment Purification Kit is an all-in-one solution for the efficient purification of DNA fragments from various enzymatic reactions, including PCR, as well as from agarose gels. This versatile kit effectively removes primer dimers, enzymes, dNTPs, and dyes, ensuring the isolation of high-quality DNA fragments.


    Key futures:

    Single buffer for PCR and gel extraction, making it convenient and user-friendly.

    Application of high-quality membrane allows for efficient purification with just one wash step.

    Capable of purifying DNA fragments ranging from 100bp to 20kb in size.



    Sub-cloning: Used to insert DNA fragments into other vectors in sub-cloning experiments.

    Sequencing: Utilized for DNA sequencing to determine the nucleotide sequence.

    Labeling: Enables attachment of labels to DNA for specific gene or sequence detection.

    DNA concentration: Suitable for various purposes, including measuring extracted DNA concentration.


    Cat.# : IVT3005

    Clear-S Total RNA

    extraction kit

    Clear-S® Total RNA Extraction Kit 는 세포 및 동물 조직, 식물 조직, 곤충 등 다양 한 시료에서 깨끗하게 total RNA를 추출할 수 있는 제품입니다. 

    Genomic DNA 오염 없이 쉽고 빠르게 total RNA를 추출하며 실험 간 오차를 줄여 재현성 높은 결과를 얻도록 설계된 spin column type의 제품입니다.

    ◎ 특징

    다양한 시료에서 신속하고 효과적으로 고품질 total RNA 추출

    Genomic DNA contamination 최소화

    Spin-column 사용으로 높은 재현성 획득

    Phenol, chloroform 없이 핵산추출가능

    ◎ 응용 및 적용

    cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, Quantitative Real-time RT-PCR, Digital RT-PCR, Northern Blot

    Product Information

    The Clear-S™ PCR/Gel DNA Fragment Purification Kit offers a fast and effective solution for obtaining pure DNA fragments from various sources. Its simplicity, featuring a single buffer for both PCR and gel extraction, streamlines the purification process, saving valuable time in the lab. With the ability to purify DNA fragments of diverse sizes, this kit meets the demands of a broad range of research applications.


    Researchers can confidently apply this kit to a multitude of tasks, such as sub-cloning, DNA sequencing, labeling, and DNA concentration measurements. Whether conducting downstream analyses or preparing DNA fragments for further molecular studies, the Clear-S™ PCR/Gel DNA Fragment Purification Kit delivers consistent and reliable results, making it an essential tool for molecular biology laboratories.


    Clear-S™ PCR/Gel DNA fragment purification kit manual
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