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    Sample Preparation

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    Clear-S™ DNA/RNA extraction kit

    The Clear-S™ DNA/RNA Extraction Kit is designed to rapidly extract high-quality genomic DNA and total RNA from various sources, including bacteria, cells, animal tissues, insects, and plant tissues. This spin column type kit allows for the purification of both DNA and RNA from a single sample. It offers consistent DNA and RNA yields even from small samples and eliminates the need for time-consuming steps like enzyme treatments. Additionally, the kit does not require the use of complex or toxic substances such as phenol, chloroform, CsCl, or alcohol precipitation. With a 3-column system, including a pre-treatment column for debris, PCR inhibitor removal after homogenization, even beginners can easily and safely use this kit, RNA column for RNA extraction and DNA column for DNA extraction.


    Key Features:

    Rapid and efficient extraction of high-quality DNA and RNA from various samples.

    High reproducibility achieved through the use of spin-columns.

    Simultaneous extract DNA and RNA from a valuable single sample and purify them separately in independent tubes.



    cDNA synthesis, PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), Quantitative PCR, Digital PCR


    Cat.# : IVT3003

    Clear-S DNA/RNA

    extraction kit

    Clear-S™ DNA/RNA Extraction Kit 는 세포 및 동물 조직, 식물 조직, 곤충 등 다양 한 시료에서 깨끗하게 genomic DNA와 total RNA를 추출할 수 있는 제품입니다. 본 제품은 한 샘플에서 DNA/RNA를 신속하게 정제할 수 있도록 설계되었습니다.

    ◎ 특징

    다양한 시료에서 신속하고 효과적으로 고품질 total DNA/RNA 추출

    소량의 샘플에서 DNA/RNA 신속하게 동시 추출

    Spin-column 사용으로 높은 재현성 획득

    Phenol, chloroform 없이 핵산추출가능

    ◎ 응용 및 적용

    Conventional PCR, NGS, cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, Quantitative Real-time RT-PCR, Digital RT-PCR, Northern Blot, Molecular detection

    Product Information

    The Clear-S™ DNA/RNA Extraction Kit provides researchers with a versatile and convenient solution for extracting high-quality DNA and RNA from a wide range of samples. By enabling the simultaneous purification of DNA and RNA from a single sample, the kit saves time and resources in the laboratory. Whether conducting cDNA synthesis, PCR-based analyses, or quantification studies, this kit ensures reliable and reproducible results, making it an indispensable tool for molecular biology research and applications


    Clear-S™ DNA /RNA extraction kit manual
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