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    Plastic ware

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    PCR consumable (PCR tube, -strip, -plate)

    The lid operates smoothly and provides an airtight seal, effectively preventing sample evaporation.

    Efficient Temperature Transmission: With its thin and smooth walls, it efficiently transfers block temperature.

    Wide Compatibility: Compatible with various thermal cyclers and real-time PCR systems.

    Versatile Color Options: Available in a variety of colors to suit your preferences and needs.


    Key Features:

    RNase/DNase free

    Molecular biology/Made from Diagnosis Grade Polypropylene

    Excellent Heat Resistance (No Deformation at -70°C to 121°C)

    High quality Pre-filled

    Ceramic bead tube

    Sample lysis kit

    Zirconia ceramic bead가 들어있어

    bead beating 기반 조직 파쇄 단계에서

    사용할 수 있는 제품입니다. 

    반응성이 낮은 ceramic bead로

    다양한 조성의 균질버퍼와 호환하여

    사용할 수 있습니다.

    표면이 매끄러우며 핵산과 결합하지 않아

    핵산추출과정 중 핵산 손실을 최소화 할 수 있습니다.

    2.0mm bead와 3.0mm bead가 제공됩니다.

    다른 사이즈의 bead는 당사에 문의해주세요.

    Product Information

    for Conventional PCR

    Smooth Lid Opening and Perfect Seal Preventing Sample Evaporation.

    Thin Wall Thickness and Smooth Surface for Efficient and Accurate Heat Transfer.

    Wide Compatibility with Various Thermal Cycler Equipment, Available in Multiple Colors.

    for Real-time PCR

    Crafted from materials tailored for Real-time PCR optimization, this product ensures the high reproducibility and sensitivity needed for consistent test results.

    Offered in three types white/frosted/clear these tubes are compatible with a range of Real-time PCR equipment, including Biorad, ABI, Analytik jena, Bioneer, and more. The flat-type 8-well strips adhere firmly to both the lid and the tube according to international standards.

    By minimizing PCR solution evaporation, you can obtain trustworthy results with minimized variability.

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